Some of my random musings

When you think life will stop, it doesn't and when you get assured the ride is going to be amazing; it stops and you are left to feel suffocated! Finding narrow spaces to breathe is what life is all about!
You want to be written as a spontaneous dewdrop that shines after the blowing of hot and cold breezes. I will promise to keep this dewdrop intact.
Your image is captured forever in my mind.

You have hope in a world full of dejection that's worth loving.

This urge to be The Only One in the good books of others is vain. You lose some part of yourself inside every time you give your best to help or reach the level they want. No body is going to bring you any Moon or stars. They are already inside you. So, Dear Heart, SEARCH WITHIN!
I am YOU. Now that you have come to read me; read me aloud.

(c)Jimmy Sharma

writing tips


·S+be+subject complement/adjunct This is an I-pad.
An adjunct  is a word or phrase that is an optional element of a sentence, for example on the table in the sentence We left some papers on the table.
·S+ v (intransitive) The sun shone.
·S+ v (intransitive)+ (for)+ adverbial adjunct We talked for one hour.
·S+ v (intransitive) + adverbial adjunct Give in. Go away. Come in.
·S+ v (intransitive)+ adjective/pronoun She looked happy. He married young.
·S+ v (intransitive)+ present participle
Verbs+  -ing Adore

think it aloud

You dated him just because you liked the way he flirted with you. The expensive gifts, the long drives and the different life! But how long!!! You did not think about it. Love is not an object that you will replace it. Flirting and loving are two opposite poles. When you got bored you blamed him that he used you but My Dear he did what you let him do. One should know how to draw a line. Mere blaming is not the solution.

Freedom from judging others

You know where does the problem lie? It lies in the struggle to prove the superiority.  If we can not be equal, we should not indulge in blame gaming all the time. Asserting the superiority of Patriarchy or matriarchy cannot be the solutions. I have seen many men practising the emotional and humane aspects of life and I have seen many women with regressive claims about life and sexuality. Being vocal and having a space to form a dialogue are the needs of the hour. I have seen many young females voicing their urge for their individuality. How pathetic we become when we feed them illusion and false show! How complete this world is when we have all human beings expressing them to the core without any futile categories or judgements! I am what I am. You are what you are. Why can't we accept this fact if it does not interrupt our living? But we teach falsity that it is important to be "I should be according to what pleases others" and "You should be according to what pl…

Audio clip of my poem "Reluctance"

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One of my brightest and sensitive students: Darshan Singh

At the age of twenty, only some youngsters have such a clarity of thought and sensitive understanding of life. Darshan is one of them. Many many wishes to him who will be a great poet one day! sharing one of his poems:

एक एक है क्षण कीमती जिंदगी का
बता आखिर में, बुझता कौन नहीं
जब कूद पड़ा है तो पूरा दम लगा
जंग है ये, यहाँ झुझता कौन नही

वक़्त है ये जब तू एक हीरा सा सिमट जा
घिसते कोयले के अल्फाज सुनता यहाँ कोई नही
हाथ तीर कमान लिए कूदे तो सब हैं यहां
बिना अर्जुन हुए तीरंदाज जीतता कोई नही

तपा खुद को दिन रात, निकल आ स्वर्ण सा
जब तक पहचान न हो पूछता यहाँ कोई नही
कर खुद को बुलंद इतना, तू चले तो तूफ़ान उठे
जब तक तू तूफान न उठे पूछता यहाँ.......

You can read him more at